Nick Lofting

Nick Lofting

Lead Editor

Nick  cut his teeth in editing during the late ‘90s, assisting Sam Sneade and working with legendary talent such as Frank Budgen and Jonathan Glazer on projects including Guinness’ iconic ‘Surfer’ ad. Aged 22, his own editing career took off in style, with his first three projects having success at D&AD, Cannes and Creative Circle.

Nick moved stateside in 2003, developing a collaborative relationship with multi-award-winning Director, Douglas Avery. Throughout the years, they have executed endless projects together, the first being ‘Loafer’ for EB Pils - the hilarious spoof to Guinness ‘Surfer’, and a highlight being Cornershop’s ‘Lessons Learned from Rocky 1 to Rocky 3’. On the topic of highlights, Nick and Douglas once appeared side-by-side on the front cover of ‘Creativity’ magazine dressed as Little Bo Peep and her sheep. Yep, really.

Cutting at Chrome, Union and Lost Planet in LA and NY, Nick collaborated with world famous talent, editing the globally-award-winning short film, ‘Jane Lloyd’ with HAPPY from SMUGGLER as well as the opening credits to 'Dawn Of The Dead'. During this time, he also judged the AICP and AICE awards. 

Since returning to the UK in 2019, Nick worked as Head of Editing at Hogarth, crafting campaigns for brands including Apple and Vodafone and forming part of Kinsale's judging panel for 2022. He joined Absolute in 2023.