Boiling Point


We brought VFX to the table for this 4-episode British drama television series for the BBC. The sequel to the 2021 film of the same name, Boiling Point merges quality food with daily pressures and the financial squeezes, as a kitchen crew aim to make Point North restaurant a success.

Creators: Philip Barantini, James Cummings, and Stephen Graham
Directors: Mounia Akl, Philip Barantini
DOP: Matthew Lewis
VFX (Sole Trader): Absolute
VFX Executive Producer: Danny Duke
VFX Producer: Zelda Tinska
VFX Line Producer: Howard Truong
Production Coordinator: Zijing Huo
Production Coordinator: Kev Carolan
VFX Supervisor: Carl Godwin-Alvarez
Lead Compositor: Alice Mitchell
Compositor: Becanti Wijnbergh
FX Lead: Fernando Benitez
Graphics Artist: William Smith