Convergence Station

Meow Wolf

The most brilliant BONKERS project we've ever had the pleasure of working on.

Meow Wolf’s ‘Convergence Station’ is the epitome of surrealism. A tourism campaign designed to promote the entertainment company’s latest exhibit in Denver, the film comprises of vintage travel ads and shot footage directed by Andreas Nilsson, accompanied by music from Grammy/Oscar-winning songwriter, Bret McKenzie. Viewers (or should we say passengers), witness bizarre sights as they experience inter-dimensional travel through an alien landscape, only made possible by otherworldly VFX created by Absolute.

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Brand: Meow Wolf
Project: Convergence Station
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy Portland
Executive Creative Director: Eric Baldwin
Creative Directors: Jason Kreher, Matt Sorrell
Art Director: Nate Nowinowski
Executive Producer: Jules Brown
Producer: Nick Ocean
Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks
Director: Andreas Nilsson
Executive Producer: Holly Vega
Line Producer: Jay Veal
DOP: Pepe Gay
Edit: Academy Pictures
VFX: WK Studios, Absolute
VFX Creative Director (WK Studios): Stefan Smith
VFX Flame Artists (WK Studios): Aidan Jung, Shane Zinkhon
Motion Graphics Artist (WK Studios): Gavin Wright
Executive Producer (WK Studios): Nirad ‘Bugs’ Russell
Producer (WK Studios): Sarah Zerina Usman
VFX Coordinator (WK Studios): Zai Outlaw
VFX Supervisors (Absolute): Ben Robards, Phil Oldham, Jorge Calvo
Colour (Absolute): Matt Turner
Junior Colourist (Absolute): Juliette Wileman
2D Lead (Absolute): Milo Paterson
2D Artists (Absolute): Chris Tobin, Tom Clapp, Scott Simmonds, Lucas warren
CG Lead (Absolute): Keith Rogers
CG Artists (Absolute): Ollie Grant, Craig Healy, Dan Baiton, Huggy Stephens
Executive Producers: Kirsty Murray, Sally Heath
Animation Studio: Blind Pig
3D Animators: Sean Cooper, Ric Comline
Motion Graphics: Lawrence Scanlon
Executive Producers: Kirsty Murray, Sally Heath
Music: Walker
Written and Performed by: Bret McKenzie
Audio: Joint