How 20 Years Have Flown


This visual triumph charts a sweet revolving love story over 20 years to mark Easyjet’s own anniversary with a stunning and meticulously designed Ferris wheel and fairground setting.

Although if you’ve been searching for the one - using dating websites and going on countless dates - it might hurt to find out that the quickest path to true love would have been flying with Easyjet.

Agency - VCCP
Agency Producer - Ellie Gibb
Director - Mark Zibert
Production Company - Rogue Films
Post Producer - Belinda Grew
Colourist - Matt Turner
2D Lead - Ben Robards
2D Artists - Simon Holden, Carl Godwin-Alvarez, Jack Kennedy, Owen Saward, Chris Tobin
3D Lead - Jasper Kidd
3D Artists - Dan Baiton, Dorrell Lynch, Matt Burn, Huggy Stephens