It Lives On


International streaming service Starzplay is no longer, but ‘It Lives On Lionsgate+’. The rebrand is celebrated through a 60” film of the same name, which sees cast members fuelled by the shock, suspense and humour of the entertainment on offer. The physical reactions of these emotions ignite three bodily organs – brain, stomach and heart - perceived through otherworldly visual effects in a collaboration between a trio of visual effects powerhouses. Untold, Future Deluxe and of course, Absolute, bring the magic, with each studio designing a stylised aesthetic of their designated organ. 

It was matters of the heart for Absolute, who were tasked with the design and execution of this vital circulatory organ, reachable through a macro nasal passage. The final execution is a beating, geological-inspired heart, illuminated via a constant light prism set within an enchanting chamber.

Absolute's Creative Director, Jonas McQuiggin, explains: “From the outset, the collective willingness to produce great visuals was apparent. It was incredibly rewarding to witness each studio lay their own piece of the puzzle and do Finn's vision justice."

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Agency: adam&eveDDB
Creative Director: Mark Shanley
Executive Producer: Sally Pritchard
Producer: Lindsay Moyes
Production Company: Riff Raff
Director: Finn Keenan
Executive Producer: Matthew Clyde
Producer: Kate Brady
DOP: Simon Chaudoir
Editorial: Trim
VFX Studio (Heart sequence): Absolute
Creative Director: Jonas McQuiggin, Phil Oldham
VFX 2D Leads: Gus Ribeiro, Harvey David
VFX 3D Leads: Patrick Keogh, Matt Burn
VFX Artists: Heidi Prescott, Megan McLean, Keith Rogers, Ollie Grant, Sean Elliot, Lucia
Quesada, Darja Sidorova
Executive Producer: Lisa Vaughan
Production Assistant: Dannica Green
VFX Studio (Brain sequence and lead studio): Untold Studios
Executive Producer: Ian Berry
Producer: Nathan Hoad/Helen Tang
Executive Creative Director: Dave Fleet
VFX Supervisors: Chris Redding/Clement Granjon
VFX Artists: Aimee Westley, Clement Petellaz, Craig Healy, Ed Turvey, Georgios Kyparrisous, Jack
Sheldrake, James Primhak, Joe Kane, Lynn Dekker, Matt Clarke, Matteo Antona, Mohammed
Mouzi, Philippe Moine, Rebecca Clay, Richard Harris, Suvi Jokiniemi, Thiago Villas Boas, Tiago
Pereira, Valentin Beaumont, Vlad Pascanu
VFX & Design (Stomach sequene): Future Deluxe
Colour: Untold Studios
Sound: 750