It Starts With A Booking

Director of Brand and Production: Carine van der Heijden
Head of Brand Creative: Diana Marcela Agudelo Hernandez
Head Of Brand Production: Nadia Pack
Brand Creative Manager: Ali Ronca
Brand Producer: Nicole Olwagen
Production Company: Object & Animal
Director: Natalie Rae
Producer: Lucy Sherwood
Post-Production: Absolute
VFX Supervisor & Lead Nuke Artist: Harvey David
Lead VFX & Flame Artist: Antonio Jimenez
VFX Artists: Carl Godwin-Alvarez, Tommy Coulter-Liston, Rahul Karavadra, Toby O’Connell
VFX Creative Director: Phil Oldham
Head of CG: Rebekah King-Britton
CG Artists: Patrick Keogh, Keith Rogers, Heidi Prescott
Motion Graphics: Blind Pig
Motion Graphics Artist: William Smith
Senior Producer: Rosanne Crisp
Producer: Mary Musasa
Production Assistant: Yasmin Tilly
Executive Producer: Jenna Le Noury
Audio: Wave Studios
Sound Designer: Archie Presley
Producer: Michael Hoogdorp