Letter For The King


In this first episode of the series, our protagonist, Tiuri, enters a church in a test of endurance, in which he hallucinates the untimely demise of the heroic black knight in a fevery haze on the church's grand and towering stained glass window.

In direct collaboration with Netflix and the series’ show runners and director, we were tasked to reimagine and redesign the magnificent stained glass window that will then come alive.

Client: Netflix
Production Company: Filmwave
Executive Producers: Will Davies, Paul Trijbits
VFX Producer: Gilbert james
VFX Supervisor: Grant Everett
VFX Coordinator: Jimmy Knowles
Animation: Blind Pig @ Absolute
Creative Director: Ric Comline
Executive Producer: Thierry Levy
Design: Christine Peters, Niall High, Ada Polcyn, Henry Mata
Animation: Ric Comline, Ada Polcyn, Yukari Schrickel
Compositing: Ric Comline