Behind Closed Doors


“What’s great is that it’s a new concept and direction for Nytol and the brief was to create a sense of surrealism in a real life setting with dream like quality as our character has a frustrating night’s sleep,” says director Jamie Lane of our latest piece for Perrigo.

Behind Closed Doors resolves a restless night with a transition into two distinctly-lit, calmative cloudscapes. Getting these right meant work that could hardly be described as soporific. “This was a project where we managed to incorporate a lot of different artists and skillsets at Absolute,” says Chris Tobin, lead 2D artist. “The initial stage involved concept designs of the two different cloud worlds within the sky, these being night-time and early-morning twilight. Once these were fully crafted, we began the process of aligning our 2D digital matte painting into a 3D world that we could travel over and explore further. Following on from this stage, we employed a mixture of 2D compositing techniques and elements to bring the transition to life.”

Absolute’s engagement with this project at a preliminary phase was crucial to its dream-like execution. “It was really helpful that we were involved at such an early stage and could help shape the concept art as well as offering supervision on set and this allowed us to prepare solidly for when this came through to post,” says Tobin.

Lane is over the moon. “Working with Absolute was brilliant and it was a great team effort from Jenna Le Noury, Matt Turner and Chris Tobin. The end result looks stunning and dramatic.”

Director: Jamie Lane

Post Production: Absolute Post
Post Producers: Jenna Le Noury, Belinda Grew
2D Lead: Chris Tobin
CG Lead: James Coore
Colourist: Matt Turner
CG: Ameen Abbas, Craig Healy
2D Artists: Simon Holden, Elliot Platt, Lucas Warren

Editor: Christian Lyndon