Outlander Season 5

Film & TV

Absolute have been delighted to work with the Outlander team to deliver nearly 120 visual effects shots across three episodes of Ronald D Moore’s critically acclaimed show.

Alongside using Flame and Nuke to deliver multiple beauty fixes for key characters, we were excited to carefully craft fluid simulations for the dramatic season 5 finale 'Never my love.'

The scene sees Claire (Catriona Balfe) attempting to escape near a river crossing. In order to match the harrowing tone of the rest of the episode, the Absolute Film VFX team were asked to replace placid river water with turbulent rapids. Simulating a large section of dramatic, churning river we worked closely with the show VFX Supervisor Jon Neill to establish speed and violence in the water to match the energy of the performances.

Not originally intended as a VFX sequence, the team (led by Creative Director & Head of CG James Coore) carefully recreated lighting conditions in order to comp the CG elements, blended plates of real rapids and retained individual strands of fly away hair.

Having begun developing remote working processes for our team over 5 years ago, we were incredibly pleased to expand the practice to all of our artists and our Production team in light of Covid-19. Using high-end, secure remote working technology and our proprietary tools this was the first sequence we've delivered for High End Television where every member of the crew was working remotely.

“The crew at Absolute worked incredibly hard during a global crisis, pulling together and delivering some fantastic shots. We’ve loved getting to know the Outlander team and are hoping we’ll be involved in season 6 now that Film and TV production is gearing back up”  - Executive Producer, Danny Duke

VFX Supervisor: James Coore

Lead FX Artist: Ameen Abbas

FX Artist: Craig Healy

3D Artists: Matt Burn, Ollie Grant, Huggy Stephens

2D Artists:
Lucas Warren
Leandro Vazquez
Carl Godwin-Alvarez
Edel Bane
Elliot Platt
Emre Aypar
Fasa Oyibo
Joseph Dymond
Owen Saward
Phil Oldham
Scott Simmonds
Simon Holden
Terry Wu
Tom Clapp

Concept: Pedro de la Puente
Executive Producer: Danny Duke