Reverse Selfie


Over 80% of 13-year-old girls use retouching apps. Dove is trying to reverse the damage social media is inflicting upon our children. 

Absolute VFX Supervisor, Phil Oldham comments, "In the same way Doves' ‘Evolution’ campaign for real beauty had an impact fourteen years ago with photo retouching, there is a desire to do the same again with social media. I have a four-year-old daughter and these apps scare the hell out of me."

Read more about this project and the VFX workflow behind it HERE.

Agency: Ogilvy
Executive Creative Director: Dan Fisher
Creative Director: Juliana Paracencio
Senior Creative Team: Liam Bushby, Alison Steven
Managing Partner: Sam Pierce
Business Director: Georgina Howard
Head of Integrated Production: James Brook-Partridge
TV Producer: Sally Lipsius

Production Company: Independent Films
Director: Benito Montorio
DOP: Steve Annis
Executive Producer: Jani Guest
Head of Production: Verity White
Producer: Simon Eakhurst
Production Manager: Fiona Martin
Production Assistant: Georgia Mills

Post-production: Absolute
VFX Supervisor: Phil Oldham
VFX Artists: Lucas Warren, Carl Godwin-Alvarez, Tom Clapp
Design Lead: Jonas McQuiggin
Executive Producer: Sally Heath