Presented by Evoca Pictures, Rise pays tribute to the #WomanLifeFreedom movement, celebrating and honouring the fierce women of Iran along with women and girls across the globe.

Evoca Foundation/Evoca Pictures
Executive Producer: Naza Alakija
Director & Writer: SHIRZAN (Anon alias)
DOP: Luke Jacobs
CO-EPs & Producers: Anon
Production Company: Anon
Production Service Company: Anon
Edit, Colour, VFX & Sound: Absolute
Editor: Oliver Burn
Colourist: Juliette Wileman
CG Supervisor: Keith Rogers
CG Artist: Megan McLean
2D Artists: Jasmine Cooper, Antonio Jimenez, Cameron Shanks
2D Assist: Toby O’Connell
Production Director: Belinda Grew
Executive Producer: Jenna Le Noury
Senior Producer: Kirsty Ratcliffe, Rosanne Crisp
Junior Producer: Yasmin Tilly
Production Assistant: Dannica Green
Sound Designer: Joe Marsden
Sound Assistant: Daniel Panayi
Music Consultant: Pitch & Sync