Short Film


FELL is a unique and exciting British sci-fi short written and directed by Fat Lemon’s Fern Berresford and emerging talent Russell Warren. 

FELL tells the tale of a quirky couple’s star gazing date that takes a sudden and dramatic turn when something unexpected falls to earth. 

It’s an award winning script that was selected for initial funding by Oscar winning producer Iain Canning (The King’s Speech) and has been supported and backed by BAFTA nominated producer Trevor Beattie (Moon), plus a host of other awesome people and companies via a successful crowdfunding campaign.

FELL is an edge-of-your-seat experience, a film that defies convention and one that leaves the audience wanting more. It may be a short film but it feels BIG -  like a little slice of Hollywood shot within the glamorous confines of the M25. 

Following on from a successful screening FELL is beginning it’s journey on the festival circuit.

With this ambitious project under their belt, Fern and Russell are now embarking on their next feature length project. Exciting times ahead!