Sweetpea is Sky Atlantic's upcoming six-part comedy drama, written by 'Pure' writer Kirstie Swain and produced by award-winning See-Saw Films. 

Rhiannon Lewis doesn't make much of an impression - people walk past her in the street without a second glance. She's continually overlooked for a promotion at work, the guy she likes won't commit, and her dad is really, really sick. So far, so shit. Then everything in her life turns upside down.

Rhiannon is pushed over the edge, and loses control. Suddenly the wallflower is gone, and in its place is a young woman capable of anything... Rhiannon's life transforms as she steps into a new, intoxicating power, but can she keep her killer secret?

Currently in production, we'll have more on this one soon. In the meantime, read more here