Toxic Influence


'Toxic Influence' highlights the relationship between mothers, daughters, and the toxic beauty advice living on social media. Part of Dove's self-esteem project, the video uses face-mapping technology to quite literally put the toxic advice of some influencers into the mouths of the mothers, including 'starting Botox young' and 'filing down teeth' for the perfect smile.

Agency: Ogilvy
Global Executive Creative Director: Daniel Fisher
Global Creative Director: Francesco Grandi
Senior Producer: Stephanie Warner
Assistant Producer: George Ward
Production Company: Smuggler
Director: Henry-Alex Rubin
Line Producer: Andrew Sullivan (Soft Citizen)
Director of Photography: Gabriela Osio Vanden
Edit: Tenthree
Post-Production: Absolute
Senior Colourist: Matt Turner
Colourist: Juliette Wileman
Creative Directors: Jonas McQuiggin
Online: Joseph Wolfenden-Williams
2D Artists: Jasmine Cooper, Antonio Jimenez, James Russell, Av Bains, Simon Holden, Kristin Kaas-Lutsberg, Ben Robards, Chris Tobin
Executive Producer: Sally Heath
Senior Producer: Kirsty Ratcliffe
Assistant Producer: Maddie Godsill
Production Assistant: Shaun Wilding
Sound: 750mph
Composer: Hanan Townshend